We represent >800 members at the Co-op Refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Our Mission

Unifor 594 are hard hat professionals working for a safe and better life for our members, our neighbours and our refinery.


We work 24 hours a day,
365 days a year to keep the Refinery safe and profitable.


We are your neighbours and contribute to strong community growth. We are an important part of the local community and economy. We support local business and
help to keep our community sustainable.


We don’t all wear hard hats, but we are all professionals.
Our union has over 75 years of experience operating our Co-op Refinery safely and effectively.

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“Right now, I’m actually part of two school community councils” — Victor Thakurdeen, Welder at the Co-op #Refinery on volunteering #Working594Community
“People once they start there, they understand the true value of a co-op, and that’s why we’re here” — Kevin Bittman, Master Operator, on our commitment to the cooperative values on which the Co-op #Refinery was founded. #SupportUnifor594
“All the money that we make, we spend right here in Southern Saskatchewan.” — Carla McCrie, Process Operator at the Co-op #Refinery on how our members everywhere are #Working594Community
“We always think of safety first, because I am not only working there for my family at home, I’m working there for my family at work.” — Kevin Wahl, Lab Technician (Retired) at the Co-op #Refinery on how our top priority is #Working594Safety
“The union objective is not only to make our workplace better, but to make it better for all workers.” — Mitch Bloos, Utilities Operator 1 at the Co-op #Refinery and proud member of Unifor 594 on our commitment to #Working594Community
“Our union is amazing; they take care of us night and day.” -Jill Straker, Inspection Clerk at the Co-op Refinery and proud member of our union on why everyone should #SupportUnifor594
To help the community get to know us better, we are proud to answer “Who is Unifor 594?” with this new video – please share it widely! We appreciate everything you do to #SupportUnifor594.


Unifor 594 workers are:

The key to the safety at the Refinery

Proud of our work in the Refinery

Your neighbours!

An important part of the local community and economy

Our core values:

Safety   Training   Responsibility   Pride   Respect   Community

Unifor Canada Convention 2019

On August 16-23, 2019, Unifor 594 sent four members to represent our local at the #Unifor19 Convention in Quebec. Kevin Bittman, Nathan Kraemer, Richard Exner and Carla McCrie were our delegates.

Our Local’s goal this week week was to increase weekly Strike and Defence Fund pay for all of our Unifor Brothers and Sisters, and we did just that! Our motion had tremendous support from the delegates and National Executive Board thanks to the hard work of our President Kevin Bittman.

President Kevin Bittman speaking at #Unifor19 Convention about our right to defend our members pensions.


Here’s the place to start:  594 Expense Voucher 2018

Please ensure name and department is accurate when filling out the form.

Send it via email to: treasurer@unifor594.com or by interoffice mail.

If you are attending union training, conferences or meetings then apply for reimbursement.