594 Elections on May 22 at the General Meeting

Meeting to begin at 5:05 pm

Nominations will be accepted for the following elected positions:
GROUP 1 – (Two Year Term)

  • President
  • Maintenance Vice-President
  • Administration Vice-President
  • Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Chief Shop Steward
  • Information Officer
  • Trustee (3 Year Term)

As per the Local Union By-Laws (12.05.01), you are no longer required to have a nominator to be an eligible candidate for election. “Any union member in good standing may nominate him or herself or others for an elected position, in person or writing. If the candidate cannot attend the nomination meeting, a nominator must present the candidate’s signed acceptance letter at the nomination meeting.

Executive Elections 2018

Shutdown Shaker

May 24th, 2018
5PM Start Time
@ The Union Hall
200 Hodsman Road
Beef on a Bun, Cash Bar

Come and Celebrate the End of Shutdown!

Unifor Local 594 represents more than 800 members at the Co-op Refinery Complex, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our members work in a variety of skilled trades, accounting, clerk positions, dispatching, information technology, laboratory, operations, parts and equipment dispensing, equipment integrity and general maintenance.