594 Elections on May 22 at the General Meeting

Your new officers for GROUP 1 – (Two Year Term):

  • President- Kevin Bittman
  • Maintenance Vice-President- Jason Kelly
  • Administration Vice-President- Lance Holowachuk
  • Sergeant-at-Arms- Brandon Klatt
  • Chief Shop Steward- Richard Exner
  • Information Officer- Ashlyn Heintz
  • Trustee (3 Year Term)- Daryl Watch

All nominates were awarded positions by acclamation.

Earlier this month activists from across the Prairies met in Saskatoon for our 5th annual Prairies Council. Delegates received updates from committees, held elections, and discussed a wide range of pressing issues including truth and reconciliation, mental health, and the role of youth in our movement.

A video synopsis of the meeting is now online, and I encourage you to share it widely with your members: https://youtu.be/rhHm2VQL9QI

I hope you were as energized coming out of Saskatoon as we were. Thank-you for the work you do to make our union great. We look forward to working with you in the next year.

Unifor Local 594 represents more than 800 members at the Co-op Refinery Complex, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our members work in a variety of skilled trades, accounting, clerk positions, dispatching, information technology, laboratory, operations, parts and equipment dispensing, equipment integrity and general maintenance.