We Have Our Answer

October 15th, 2019

Today, when asked about the erection of scab camps at the Refinery, Gil Le Dressay told media: “Our primary goal is to reach a fair deal with our union and keep our employees working.”

Actions speak louder than words, Gil.

For the Company, “fairness” is public relations spin. For us, it’s about respect.

We declared an impasse and began mediation to continue negotiating in good faith.

Worker camps are not good faith.

The Union’s position on pension has been consistent from day one. We have told the Company that the membership wants and deserves individual choice and protection to ensure pension security. Anything less would be an unnecessary concession, and we are not going backwards.

Last week, your Bargaining Committee spent two days with the mediator delivering the exact same message. After every session, the mediator came back to us with a different way to NOT give you choice and protection, and to NOT counter the Company’s attack on the savings plan.

After two days of hearing our unwavering message, the mediator refused to admit there is no deal to be made. He opted not to book out so the Company could have more time to “crunch the numbers” and consult their “decision makers”.

Well, we have certainly crunched the numbers.

$3,013,698 million dollars per day in profit equals more than enough to respect Co-op Refinery workers.

The Company refused to make bargaining a priority and didn’t make themselves available until our next pre-scheduled date of Nov 7th – which is when we should have learned its intentions.

It appears we got their answer early.

They didn’t need time to consult “decision makers”, just time to erect fences and bring in trailers for scabs.

If they really care about “the safety of our people and our community”, they would do whatever it takes to keep Unifor 594 members working- the highly skilled, experienced, loyal team that holds the key to Refinery safety.

And so the real battle begins.

With three weeks until the next mediation dates, any hope of true fairness (never mind common sense) has left the building.

Like last time, it appears the Company would rather take from us by force.

We are ready. We expected this, so we planned for it.

We are in this together and we will get through this together, and we will be stronger on the other side.

More soon,
Your Bargaining Team

PS: What can you do? Take action on the ideas at#SupportUnifor594 and share them far and wide. And keep spreading the word about Respect for Refinery Workers and a #FairDeal!