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The amount of money FCL’s paying to bring in SCAB labour, multi-million dollar SCAB camp, $3,000 to $4,000 per helicopter trip to bring supplies in; they’re spending money that could be put towards actually sustainability. –Garrett Cleverley, breaks down sustainability.
“They can afford to pay for this pension plan, they just don’t want to” — Daryl Nylen, refrigeration mechanic, at Co-op Refinery, breaks down the pension dilemma facing our members.
This was a pension plan we were promised to us two years ago that we would be safe on until we were retired. –Avery Riche, breaks down how pension affects workers at the Co-op Refinery.
A 2.5% wage increase, with a 17.5% reduction in benefits doesn’t equal a wage raise, it equals a rollback. –Carla McCrie, breaks down the wage increase vs the cost of concessions.
On Day 1 of a pre-Christmas lock out a Co-op Refinery in Regina, Unifor Local 594 members rally with family members and supporters to show unity in the face of a greedy employer attempting to gut the pension plan.
The demand for respect is about fairness and cooperative values – nothing more.
Despite profits of more than $1 Billion per year, Federated Co-op Limited is attacking workers’ pensions. The company continues to demand concessions from loyal refinery workers who put safety at the forefront of every shift. It’s time for a fair deal.
Refinery workers’ demand for respect is about loyalty and co-operative values. When a company makes billions in profits, it should invest in its workforce. Tell Co-op to bargain a fair deal and keep its promise to protect pensions. #SupportUnifor594
“People just want to help, they want to give back.” — Jill Straker, Inspection Clerk at the Co-op #Refinery on how actively our members are #Working594Community
“That’s the strongest value that our union has – we come to things like a family.” — Ryan Shillingford, Safety Inspector at the Co-op Refinery, on the culture & community within our union #SupportUnion594
“There’s a lot of generations of families working there.” — Derek Emperingham, Plant Person at the Co-op #Refinery on the loyalty of many families to our workplace. #SupportUnifor594
“It’s kind of like a family, everyone looks out for each other.” — Kevin Wenaus, Instrumentation Journeyman at the Co-op #Refinery on our unity as a team. #SupportUnifor594
“(You) have to be super competent in … making sure the areas are safe.” — Dan Petrie, Store Keeper at the Co-op #Refinery on how we never stop #Working594Safety
“It’s actually really nice that women can be a big part of science in the Refinery.” — Ashlyn Heintz, Lab Technician at the Co-op #Refinery on the increasing role of women in our workplace #SupportUnifor594
“We have people doing a lot of good for the community.” — Daryl Schwartz, Instrumentation Leadhand (Retired) at the Co-op #Refinery on how invested our members are in #Working594Community
“There is no substitute for experience … we are irreplaceable.” — Carlos Buttner, Process Operator at the Co-op #Refinery on the valuable skills & experience of our team whose priority is #Working594Safety
“(It’s a) source of pride when … you see a Co-op truck, and you’re like, I had a part in that!” — Tasha Davis, Yield Accountant at the Co-op #Refinery on the pride of work we all share #SupportUnifor594
“Knowing that what I’m going to do today might make somebody’s life a little bit easier to do their job … that’s pretty rewarding.” — Mike Neigum, Scaffolder, on what makes him proud to work at the Co-op #Refinery. #SupportUnifor594
“Right now, I’m actually part of two school community councils” — Victor Thakurdeen, Welder at the Co-op #Refinery on volunteering #Working594Community
“(We) understand the true value of a co-op, and that’s why we’re here” — Kevin Bittman, Master Operator, on our commitment to the cooperative values on which the Co-op #Refinery was founded. #SupportUnifor594
“All the money that we make, we spend right here in Southern Saskatchewan.” — Carla McCrie, Process Operator at the Co-op #Refinery on how our members everywhere are #Working594Community
“We always think of safety first, because I am not only working there for my family at home, I’m working there for my family at work.” — Kevin Wahl, Lab Technician (Retired) at the Co-op #Refinery on how our top priority is #Working594Safety
“The union objective is not only to make our workplace better, but to make it better for all workers.” — Mitch Bloos, Utilities Operator 1 at the Co-op #Refinery and proud member of Unifor 594 on our commitment to #Working594Community
“Our union is amazing; they take care of us night and day.” -Jill Straker, Inspection Clerk at the Co-op Refinery and proud member of our union on why everyone should #SupportUnifor594
To help the community get to know us better, we are proud to answer “Who is Unifor 594?” with this new video – please share it widely! We appreciate everything you do to #SupportUnifor594.