Top 5 Ways to Support Locked-Out Refinery Workers

  1. Sign the Petition
  2. E-mail a Saskatchewan MLA about this lockout! Send an e-mail
  3. Stop shopping Co-op gas, groceries, or hardware! Visit BoycottCo-op.ca to take the pledge.
  4. Tweet @ Federated Co-op Ltd. & Co-op Refinery Complex Now!
  5. Add the “I Support Unifor 594” frame to your Facebook profile photo

Full-Service Gas Stations

While you are boycotting Co-op, here is a list of full-service gas stations in Regina and Saskatoon. Check this page for updates on other locations. Thank you for supporting #BoycottCo-op!

Regina Full-Service Gas Stations:

Southern SK Full-Service Gas Stations:

Mid-SK Full-Service Gas Stations:

Saskatoon Full-Service Gas Stations:

Northern SK Full- Service Gas Stations:

Other Ways to Support Us

* Send a letter/email to your local newspaper explaining why you support Refinery workers in our fight for a fair deal, why you are boycotting Co-op, and encouraging others to do the same
* Follow Unifor 594 on Facebook and Twitter, and share our content