Lockout Lowdown

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Why Banda doesn’t want a deal

February 7, 2020

” “it is a slap in the face to his employees and the principles and values that this refinery was built on. This is no way to treat workers or families. ” “

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Why are we escalating?

January 12, 2020

” “Our escalation now comes after months of acrimony at the bargaining table and toxicity in the workplace. It comes after our membership has had to withstand disrespect and intimidation. It comes after seeing our managers forced to choose between being imprisoned at the plant during this lockout or be fired. ” “

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What is the National Pattern?

January 3, 2020

” “This approach to bargaining ensures fair competition across energy industry workplaces.” “

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How to Run a Refinery…?

December 29, 2019

” “…turnarounds are over-planned to do half as much work with twice as many people, for way more money in twice the time! ” “

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The Case for FCL Employee’s

December 27, 2019

” “The real issues have been obfuscated through misunderstandings, partial truths missing context and red herrings.  So, in order to cut through the noise, I would like to humbly put forward the four real issues ” “

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What’s on the Table: More Truth

December 20, 2019

” “Workers are being forced to choose between one gutted pension and one that’s half the value of the current plan.” “

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Highlighting Sustainability

December 20, 2019

” “Pension security compared to wage increases and benefits, because we are here for the long haul. Our dedicated workforce put the care in career and are invested in the Co-op Refinery.” “

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How Much is a Billion, Anyway?

December 15, 2019

” ” If you put it in the context of time, 1 million seconds is about 12 days.  One billion seconds is just shy of 32 YEARS.” “

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What’s on the table: The Truth about Sustainability

December 13, 2019

” “Co-op’s fight is not about financial sustainability. It is about power. About weakening a workforce and union. About racing to the bottom. ” “

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What’s on the Table: The Truth about Pensions

December 12, 2019

” “$2.5 billion in profits, in the last three years, means we can handle it. We made record profits even though we made extra Pension payments.” “

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What’s on the Table: The Truth about Wage Increases

December 11, 2019

” “A wage increase equivalent to the national standard of 11.75% should not be cancelled out by stealing from our pensions and savings plan by 17.5%.” “

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Dissecting Scabs

December 2, 2019

” ” With the trailers now rolled in east of Section V, a stone’s throw from millions of barrels of explosive hydrocarbons, the “scab” word is getting thrown around more and more. ” “

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Billion Dollar Brainstorm

November 28, 2019

” “During our last negotiations, CRC spent $80 million dollars on their BCP program without a second thought.  What will it cost them this time in their effort to gain $28.02 million in concessions?” “

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Skin in the Game

November 22, 2019

” “We stay awake all night in minus 40 keeping the plant running, we put out fires and find ourselves in tense and dangerous situations our whole careers. We would like to think the Company’s Bargaining Committee understands what we go through, but it’s evident they have no idea.” “

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B.S. Jobs

November 20, 2019

” “When you have integrity, nothing else matters.  When you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters. ” “

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Mother Co-op

November 18, 2019

” ” What about all the fires, explosions and power failures we have experienced in the last decade? It was the loyal employees who work at Mother Co-op who responded and put themselves in harm’s way to keep this place running ” “

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Refinery Workers Demand Respect

November 17, 2019

Refinery workers’ demand for respect is about loyalty and co-operative values. When a company makes billions in profits, it should invest in its workforce. Tell Co-op to bargain a fair deal and keep its promise to protect pensions.

Co-op or Big Business?

November 17, 2019

” “These are the workers that pulled the refinery through some very tough and dark times.  The same employees that ran towards the fires and explosions of 2010 and 2013.  These are the employees that left their families on Christmas Eve to help get the plant running after a freeze up and a large-scale explosion and fire.” “

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Have You Heard Our New Radio Ads?

November 12, 2019

Risky Business

October 30, 2019

” “It is extremely dangerous and naive to think this BCP team – under stress, fatigue, little experience and less staff – will be able to safely navigate abnormal operations when they go wrong.” “

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Understanding the Present by Looking at the Past

October 29, 2019

” “It took a lot of work to get over the operational problems and FCL should be thankful that all of the employees involved with the successful operation of the upgrader and later expansions have allowed FCL to have net profits of close to $1 billion per year.” “

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October 23, 2019

” “Based on the facts it’s abundantly clear that we are not Sears or Nortel. We are not facing impending doom so the company’s ‘key message’ must be ardently dismissed. ” “

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We Have Our Answer

October 15, 2019

” “Like last time, it appears the Company would rather take from us by force.” “

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Why the Union wants you to have a Choice and Protection

October 10, 2019

“”We simply want pension security for those who choose the DB pension like they were promised when they began working at the plant.” “

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The Importance of a Union

October 3, 2019

” “Everything the union fights for is similar to why the Co-op came into existence in the first place. ” “

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Why does the Company believe we need to accept double digit concessions?

October 1, 2019

” “They are still selling gasoline, they are still making diesel, they are still profiting a Billion dollars a year, but you may need to work for another 5 or maybe even 10 years to make up the loss.” “

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