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Regina Police silence over bomb threat a dangerous game

May 20, 2020

” “Think about it. A bomb at a refinery. An explosion there would put thousands of lives at risk far beyond the picket line – so you have to ask why would anyone bury such a threat.” “

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May 6, 2020 Message from Kevin Bittman, President of Unifor 594 to the membership.

Refinery workers reject Co-op’s so-called final offer

April 28, 2020

” “Unifor Local 594 members have voted 89 per cent against the contract.” “

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Unifor says close the scab loophole to federal wage subsidy

April 27, 2020

” “Unifor is calling on the federal government to close a loophole in Bill C-14 that will allow unethical employers using scab labour to qualify for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS).” “

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Unifor unable to accept the Co-op Refinery final offer

March 31, 2020

” “The Co-op’s latest final offer, their second in five days, includes new concessions not included in the Special Mediators’ report.” “

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April 3, 2020 Message from Kevin Bittman, President of Unifor 594 to the membership.

Union files Unfair Labour Practice

March 29, 2020

” “This has been a long and arduous assault by a greedy corporation intent on inflicting suffering on its own employees who they claim to “respect”, and completely defying the co-operative principles they were founded on.” “

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Summary of Co-ops Final Offer

March 27, 2020

What did the Co-op offer and how does it affect the membership?

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After snubbing Moe’s mediators, Co-op demands more concessions

March 25, 2020

” “Only 72 hours after rejecting all of the recommendations from Premier Scott Moe’s appointed mediators, Federated Co-operatives Limited has tabled new, aggressive concessions” “

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Refinery workers overwhelmingly endorse independent mediator’s recommendations

March 23, 2020

” “Unifor Local 594 members have voted in 98 per cent favour of the recommendations made by a Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers” “

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Unifor shocked by Co-op rejection of independent mediator’s recommendations

March 22, 2020

” “Unifor is shocked that Federated Co-op has rejected the recommendations of the independent mediator and is using the COVID-19 crisis to leverage even more concessions from oil & gas workers.” “

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Unifor accepts recommendations from independent mediator in Co-op lockout

March 20, 2020

” “The Unifor Local 594 bargaining committee has accepted the recommendations and will be encouraging their members to accept the deal.” “

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FCL installs new scab trailers at refinery, days before special mediation

February 14, 2020

” “We have a great deal of confidence in mediator Vince Ready but our experience with FCL, and this latest stunt, gives us little confidence this employer’s willingness to bargain.” “

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Province appoints special mediator in Co-op Refinery dispute

February 12, 2020

” “If there is no deal after the mediation period we will know that Federated Co-operatives Limited really doesn’t want to end this lockout.” “

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Unifor outraged at Regina Police denial of lawful picket

February 7, 2020

” “No judge ruled to freeze out the picketers and refuse to allow them to go to the bathroom. The Regina Police Service has taken the law into their own hands” “

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Unifor 594 outlines plan to go back to work Monday

February 6, 2020

” “This is a clear path to end this right here, right now. The question is does Co-op Refinery really want this to end?” “

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Regina Police arrest four locked-out workers, side with FCL

February 5, 2020

” “The employer security team was aware that the arrests were going to happen as they had five guards filming before the police showed up, further confirming that the employer and RPS or some officers there are working together and are not unbiased” “

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Co-op CEO Scott Banda to blame if fuel shortages hurt farmers and families

February 3, 2020

” “They made it pretty clear they have never been interested in bargaining a fair deal and the facts point to an employer that has long been preparing to try and bust the union, not bargain fairly.” “

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Rogue Co-op execs use bargaining ploy to extend 60-day lockout

February 3, 2020

” “Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) have proven they have no intent to bargain in good faith after their disrespectful conduct last Friday.” “

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Talks break off between Unifor and Co-op

February 1, 2020

” “The union bargained in good faith while the company tabled new concessions.” “

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Unifor and Federated Co-operatives Limited to return to bargaining table

January 30, 2020

” “Unifor has always been deeply committed to bargaining a fair contract for refinery workers, but this is the first move we have seen that suggests FCL is interested in getting a deal” “

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Co-op is running out of excuses to avoid bargaining

January 29, 2020

” “It is crystal clear that Co-op has no intention of returning to the bargaining table. Therefore, we are insisting that Premier Scott Moe declare that parties have 48 hours to come to a deal before enforcing binding arbitration.” “

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Co-op CEO Scott Banda to meet with Unifor today

January 27, 2020

” “We are encouraged by this opportunity to meet with Mr. Banda and hope this provides a path to the agreement our members deserve.” “

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Unifor calling on Premier Moe to intervene after Co-op escalates dispute

January 23, 2020

” “It is now imperative that Premier Scott Moe step in and order the two sides back to the table with a provincial mediator.” “

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Unifor Shuts down the Co-op Refinery

January 20, 2020

” “This tremendous display of solidarity is sending a message to this greedy multi-billion dollar conglomerate to get back to the table and bargain a fair deal.” “

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Federated Co-operatives Ltd. wages censorship war on Unifor

January 19, 2020

” “…proof that Federated Co-operatives Limited is a corporate bully emerged as five radio stations refused to air Unifor’s newest radio ad promoting Unifor’s national boycott. ” “

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Unifor turns tables on FCL with lockout

January 10, 2020

” “After locking out their loyal employees in frigid temperatures and flying in scabs, it’s time they had a taste of their own medicine.” “

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Locked out workers to escalate fight for a fair deal at Co-op Refinery

January 7, 2020

” “Co-op will not bust our union by using profits only made possible by your hard work. We are going to hold them to their pension promises. Our union will intensify our campaign to achieve a fair collective agreement for our members.” “

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Update and Rally for locked out workers at the Co-op Refinery

January 6, 2020

” “Now Co-op is misleading the public about what this shameful lockout is all about.” “

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Unifor launches nationwide boycott of Co-op retailers

December 15, 2019 12:00AM

” “If Co-op is so concerned about sustainability, why are they allowing a small group of managers and underqualified replacement workers to operate the refinery, jeopardizing both safety and production,” asked Kevin Bittman, President of Unifor Local 594. “Why waste millions to fly in scabs and supplies by helicopter when we would rather be back at work.” “

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Unifor to make announcement about Co-op Refinery lock out

December 13, 2019 12:00AM

” “Unifor representatives will be making a significant announcement about an escalation of the campaign for a fair deal for locked out Unifor Local 594 members at the Co-op Refinery.” “

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Co-op Refinery pointing fingers at workers to distract from dangerous operations

December 9, 2019

“”Federated Co-op has made a mockery of co-operative values and betrayed their members’ trust. Co-op members and other members of the public should consider taking their business elsewhere to protest this attack on our pensions,” said Kevin Bittman, President of Unifor Local 594.” “

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Locked out Co-op Refinery workers to hold rally

December 5, 2019

“” Lock-out notice was served to unionized workers on Tuesday by the refinery after a mandatory 14-day cooling off period ended. Negotiations had hit an impasse when Co-op demanded concessions on workers’ pensions, despite a promise during the last round of bargaining to not meddle with the plans. “”

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Solidarity Rally for Co-op Refinery Workers

December 5, 2019

” “Calling all activists, workers, and community members in the Regina area! Help us tell the Co-op Refinery to come back to the table without concessions instead of recklessly putting our community at risk. ” ”

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Refinery workers gather in anticipation of being locked out

December 5, 2019

” “REGINA – In anticipation of being locked out of the Co-op Refinery at the end of its 48 hour notice, members of Unifor Local 594 will gather in front of Gate 2 of the Refinery at 5:31pm today.” “

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Our formal offer to shut down the Refinery safely

December 3, 2019

” ” It is the Union’s belief that running the Refinery without Unifor 594 would pose serious safety risks to personnel, equipment, the community, the economy, and the environment. ” “

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Co-op Refinery workers serve 48-hour strike notice

December 3, 2019

” “Local 594 has offered to shut down the units safely before starting job action. Unifor has serious concerns about CRC using a smaller group of underqualified replacement workers to operate the refinery, putting public and plant safety at great risk.” “

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the strike vote

December 3, 2019

” “Our members felt forced by the Company to take a strike vote. The result of 97.3% in favour of job action makes it clear we are united and unwilling to play the Company’s game.” “

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Co-op Refinery workers vote overwhelmingly to strike

December 3, 2019

” “Members of Unifor Local 594 have responded to the Co-op Refinery’s attack on their pension by voting 97.3 per cent in favour of striking if necessary. ” “

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Unifor Refinery workers take fight with Co-op to airwaves at Grey Cup

November 22, 2019

” “By constructing scab camps and conducting campaigns of misinformation, FCL has demonstrated they have no intention to bargain in good faith with the workers who proudly operate this refinery with safety at the forefront of every shift. ” “

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Co-op Refinery losing touch with community it was founded to help

November 21, 2019

” “Think about that. Winter is setting in across Saskatchewan, and FCL’s plan for keeping the blast zone safe is to put scabs and managers in ramshackle trailers away from their families, just weeks before the holidays.” “

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For Immediate Release: Refinery workers frustrated no fair deal reached after mediation breakdown

November 12, 2019

“We are disappointed Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL)  continues to come to the bargaining table demanding roll backs in our pensions and other concessions, despite the fact that this employer continues to rake in billions of dollars in profits,” said Kevin Bittman, President of Unifor 594 which represents refinery workers.“”

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Unifor 594: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

November 7, 2019

“”Since 2016 began, the Co-op Refinery has made close to $3 billion in profit. That accounts for 86% of FCL’s net profits. And its all thanks to our labour. But the Company keeps moving the goal post on what defines tough times.” “

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For Immediate Release: Unifor 594 responds to work camp construction at Co-op Refinery

October 15, 2019

” “They didn’t need time to consult “decision makers”, just time to erect fences and bring in trailers for scabs.” ” — Kevin Bittman

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There are 2.5 billion reasons to get a #FairDeal.

“To respect Refinery workers, any switch to a DC pension plan must be voluntary and must protect the people that decide to stay on the DB … We will always fight for pension security.” #SupportUnifor594 #FairDeal

Co-op Refinery workers reach bargaining impasse

September 27, 2019

“”It’s only reasonable that a company making billion-dollar profits puts a deal on the table that properly addresses the needs of their workers,” said Scott Doherty, Assistant to the Unifor National President.””

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What’s at the stake at the bargaining table? Our futures.
Here’s a message for you from our president, Kevin Bittman, regarding September 5th, 2019 strategic planning session with shop stewards. Our team is stronger than ever! #Solidarity