Accept the Facts

With current conditions rapidly evolving it is deplorable how the Co-op has tried to spin the narrative to its favour once again. With an ongoing pandemic, it is of grave concern that Co-op is unwilling to accept the recommendations set forth by Vince Ready. Instead, they have turned to the media to once again try and convince the general populace that they are somehow the victim.

Co-op has publicly stated that they will be sequestering individuals in camp and limiting operations to essential staff only, yet they continue to bring in busloads of people as well as trailers for setting up a camp. They are attempting to fill the very same camp that is under investigation by the Saskatchewan Health Authority while many others across the country are looking at shutting down. This even after people have been REFUSING TO QUARANTINE and returning directly to the site.

3 days after FCL issued their pandemic plans, buses were still seen entering the compound.

The facts are that all the bargaining conditions that FCL had initially put forth have been met. Millions of dollars of savings have been put forward. Co-op has been absolved of pension liability if they choose to accept the recommendations, as per Vince Ready’s strong encouragement. Employees are willing to contribute 8% into their own pensions.

This is not the deal that many 594 members wanted but they realize it is a fair deal. In these trying times, it is a deal that will help all of Western Canada. Our membership has voted overwhelmingly at 98% to accept the recommendations and continue to move forward. This is not the point at which FCL should finally begin negotiations. Co-op needs to put an end to this turmoil. Our world does not need any more uncertainty right now.

So what can you do from here?

Contact your MLA – Tell them your concerns and be honest. It has become abundantly clear that the only group unwilling to negotiate is FCL.

Sign the petition – Signatures have been piling in to prevent this dispute from carrying on any longer.

Talk to your local co-op board – They will be the ones who ultimately suffer in reduced patronage returns and are who Scott Banda “should” be answering too.