Denise Hersikorn, Sharlene Stanley, Shaun Jenkins

Contact the Accommodation Committee at


Vivian Molnar: (306)596-4405/,

Heather Bell: (306)584-5057/,

Chris Gorling: (306) 539-1916/

Kaleena Baulin, Amy Wisniewski, Daryl Nylen, and Daryl Watch

Journeyman Operator Review:
Avery Riche, Nathan Kraemer, and the Applicable Shop Steward

Richard Exner, Sheena Rivett, Heather Bell

Contact the Chair at

Plant OH&S:
George Brailean, Ryan Luedtke, Rebecca Mossing, Darren Holoboff,
Sharlene Stanley, Cam McGonigal, Steve Kish, Justin Farrant(Alt), Ron Powell(Alt) Robb McLean(Alt)

Contact the OHS Co-Chair at

Refinery Business Office OH&S:

Angela Smart, Karen Maynard, Allysen Romich, Brenda Curtis,

Kelly Murrell (Alt), Nathan Fafard (Alt), Bo Brogden (Alt)

Contact the OHS Co-Chair at

Dan Josephson, Kelly Murrell, Ryan Leudke, and  Josh Bray

Dave Mushynsky, Derek Kups, Kelly Murrell, Ryan Morgan and Ashlyn Heintz

Contact the Social Committee at


Strike Committee:
Jim Milton, Billy Hamilton, Chris Petersen, Luke McGeough, Wade Schnell and Kelly Murrell

Contact the Strike Committee at

Bargaining Committee:
Kevin Bittman, Nathan Kraemer, Jason Kelly, Kelly Murrell, Avery Riche and Dave Limacher

Human Rights Committee:

Contact the Human Rights Committee at

Retirees Chapter:

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