Shaun Jenkins and Jon Javorik

Vivian Molnar, Heather Bell, and Krista Funke

Kaleena Baulin, Amy Wisniewski, Daryl Nylen, and Daryl Watch

Journeyman Operator Review:
Avery Riche, Nathan Kraemer, and the Applicable Shop Steward

Richard Exner and Sheena Rivett

Plant OH&S:
George Brailean, Rebecca Mossing, Sharlene Stanley, Cam McGonigal, Steve Kish, Ron Powell, Justin Farrant (Alt), Jason O’Quinn (Alt) and Kevin Gwillim (Alt)

Refinery Business Office OH&S:
Angela Smart, Allysen Romich, Brenda Curtis, Kelly Murrell (Alt), Nathan Fafard (Alt), and Bo Brogden (Alt)

Kelly Murrell, Ryan Leudtke, Josh Bray, and Terry Schneider (Retiree Member)

Dave Mushynsky, Derek Kups, and Ryan Morgan

Kevin Bittman, Ashlyn Heintz, Richard Exner, Nic Skulski and Carla McCrie

Union Continuity Plan Committee:
Jim Milton, Billy Hamilton,  Luke McGeough, Wade Schnell, Kelly Murrell, Ryan Luedtke, Krista Shields and Angela Smart

Bargaining Committee:
Nathan Kraemer, Kevin Bittman, Jason Kelly, Lance Holowachuk, Avery Riche and Dave Limacher

Women’s Committee:
Heather Bell, Carla McCrie, Jayme Fenwick and Sierra Bachmeier

Human Rights Committee:

Retirees Chapter:
Abe Mejia, Ray Limacher, John Sader and Jeff Leach

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