Executive Members

President:  Kevin Bittman –

Administration Vice President:  Kelly Murrell –

Process Vice President:  Avery Riche –

Maintenance Vice President:  Jason Kelly

PDD Vice President:  Dave Limacher –

Secretary-Treasurer:  Kaleena Baulin –

Recording Secretary:  Carla McCrie –

Negotiating Chair:  Nathan Kraemer –

Chief Shop Steward/Elections Officer:  Richard Exner –

Information Officer:  Daren Drummond –

Sgt. At Arms:  Brandon Klatt

Guide: Brandon Mang

Savings Plan: Kevin Fogarty –


Shop Stewards

Email if you don’t know how to contact your steward

Administration: Amy Wisniewski

Building Maintenance:  Gary Gruell

Decokers:  Jon Javorik

Electricians:  Les Bonkowski

Fire & Safety:  Daryl Watch

Inspection: Keith Britton

Instrumentation:  Dave Mushynsky & Jaret McCloy

Insulators:  Luke McGeough

Lab:  Mike Fink 

Mechanics:  Derek Kups & Peter Thorson

MRP:  Ryan Morgan & Derek Emperingham

PDD Admin:  Andrew Fowlow

PDD Loading & Maintenance:  Dylan Bailey & Justin Farrant

PDD Packing & Blending Warehouse: Vacant (to fill this position email

Pipefitters:  Shaun Jenkins & Karl Dahle

Pumpers:  Ryan Dzioba

Boilerhouse: Jason Molnar & Matt Wason

Scaffolders:  Nelson Wagman

Section 1A:  Wade Schnell

Section 1B:  Charles Brittner

Section 2:  Chad Gettle

Section 3:  Curtis Baht & Kevin Geiger

Section 4:  Ryan Jelinski

Section 5:  Chad Thompson & Andrew Murray

Stores:  Dallas Allen & Nathan Fafard

Welders:  Scott Wicklund

For errors or omissions, or to fill a vacant position, please email: