Lockout Lowdown


We Have Our Answer

October 15, 2019

” “Like last time, it appears the Company would rather take from us by force.” “

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Why the Union wants you to have a Choice and Protection

October 10, 2019

“”We simply want pension security for those who choose the DB pension like they were promised when they began working at the plant.” “

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The Importance of a Union

October 3, 2019

” “Everything the union fights for is similar to why the Co-op came into existence in the first place. ” “

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Why does the Company believe we need to accept double digit concessions?

October 1, 2019

” “They are still selling gasoline, they are still making diesel, they are still profiting a Billion dollars a year, but you may need to work for another 5 or maybe even 10 years to make up the loss.” “

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