Bargaining Updates

For Immediate Release: Unifor 594 responds to work camp construction at Co-op Refinery

October 15, 2019

” “They didn’t need time to consult “decision makers”, just time to erect fences and bring in trailers for scabs.” ” — Kevin Bittman

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There are 2.5 billion reasons to get a #FairDeal.

“To respect Refinery workers, any switch to a DC pension plan must be voluntary and must protect the people that decide to stay on the DB … We will always fight for pension security.” #SupportUnifor594 #FairDeal

Co-op Refinery workers reach bargaining impasse

September 27, 2019

“”It’s only reasonable that a company making billion-dollar profits puts a deal on the table that properly addresses the needs of their workers,” said Scott Doherty, Assistant to the Unifor National President.””

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What’s at the stake at the bargaining table? Our futures.
Here’s a message for you from our president, Kevin Bittman, regarding September 5th, 2019 strategic planning session with shop stewards. Our team is stronger than ever! #Solidarity